The Best Android Phone and Top 5 Free Android Apps

The android platform can be exploding to the scene in the big way, and many kinds of present growth metrics suggest we're only beginning to see the prospective associated with Apple's new rival. Just how quick is actually android use expanding amongst consumers? Millenia Media is surely an advertising company that tracks the particular use of android phones exactly where its ads are generally served. last 12 months alone, your android platform observed a growth involving just over 3000%. Yes, 3000%. The Actual potent mixture of android software program and also the tireless efforts on the part of most interested producers to generate your very best android phone is creating an absolute firestorm inside the smartphone along with app markets. Whilst this actually is generally good news regarding android telephone buyers, because relentless innovation will drive the particular phones' power up along with prices down, it can easily nevertheless always be a significant daunting process for you to kind via innumerable offerings throughout research of your greatest android phone. Luckily, I get already done the work for you!

The best Android Telephone is actually Motorola's Droid X2Smartphone

We'll take a look at why in extensive detail. By Simply method of a quick sketch, the particular Motorola Droid X2 is just a beast. It features specs in which weren't so very long ago only accessible upon desktop computers! Seriously, when was the past occasion anyone heard of a smartphone running a dual core 1Ghz processor?Essentially, the Droid X2 is a handheld yet really powerful modern computer, stuffed for the gills along with multimedia capabilities, top-notch 3G and Wi-Fi abilities which not merely make you stay connected everywhere but additionally lets you utilize your current Droid x2 like a mobile hotspot for 5 other devices, a new swipe-style keyboard capable of 50 words per minute typing, and also approximately 40 Gigabytes involving storage space, in order to identify just several key features.

Oh, by the way, maybe a person have at just about any time believed concerning playing high definition movies stored on your cell phone straight to the television? When not, you could start thinking about it. Imagine bringing over 40 gigs of movies on your own own telephone along with plugging in straight to the friend's television set for the ultimate portable movie theater experience.

In packing the particular Droid X2 therefore packed with amazing powers, Motorola offers gone out of its method to deliver your ultimate inside portable communication and claim the particular coveted title regarding greatest android phone. they tend to be banking on a dazzling selection of multimedia, social, internet as well as app based solutions to help keep android phone buyers happy - at least until your next extraordinary generation associated with smartphones launches!

Let's break on the Droid X2's characteristics through category, beginning using its physical properties, thus as to much better understand why it's being hailed everywhere because the very best android telephone available to date.

Motorola's Droid X2 - Physical Specifications


The droid weighs within from 5.74 ounces and it is with regards to 5 inches tall, two along using a half inches wide, as well as lower than less as compared to an inch thick, rendering it surprisingly compact along with portable whenever you contemplate every small thing that's heading in inside. A Person can certainly along with comfortably carry it inside your pocket rather than feel encumbered.

Battery Life

As anybody that has at virtually any time owned or perhaps utilized among your most recent generations associated with smartphones currently knows, life with the battery is a significant issue. When you consider into account which they are miniaturized computers that are nevertheless processing video, 3G as well as wifi tranmissions, radio-phone communications and also apps together with this, it's really no surprise that will smartphones usually are generally not renowned regarding their stellar battery life. phone makers generally publish 2 metrics alongside one another: talk time and standby time. This specific variance reflects the particular fact that speaking on the own telephone drains your battery much faster than simply permitting your own phone idle within your pocket using the screen switched off.

The motorola droid x2 will quite well upon battery time, especially in comparison along using other frontrunners for your very best android phone status. at 8 hrs involving talk some occasion and 22 hours associated with standby time, this small robot measures up respectably against iphone competitors and other android based phones. Preserve at heart that the very best approach to nuke your current battery life down to absolutely nothing is by operating multiple browers along together with a video hefty app from exactly the actual same time. Thoughtful management of your battery life may stretch your own android phone's utilization moment a lot further.

The Guts

The very best android phone offers to be the fastest and beefiest android phone, and also the motorola droid x2 definitely hits that mark. Together With a dual-core 1GHz processor, this android telephone will become the stuff associated with legends. Exactly what once was drool-worthy to difficult code gaming geeks is now inside your phone. This kind of processor will be becoming touted as allowing the droid to open webpages a minimum of 2 as fast as comparable phones. In case you love browsing wherever someone happens being sitting together together with your android phone inside hand, this actually is really most likely the particular smartphone for you. This kind of factor will be designed to consume webpages in stacks after which inquire with regard to more.


What's more valuable than becoming capable of see your android telephone screen? Improvement upon improvement get due in order to the greatest android phone a new crystal clear 4.3 inch touch screen display that will runs within hd in 960x540 pixels. initial reviews streaming inside from customers describe a new screen that's slightly richer within terms of color and also clarity compared to prior droid's was. This particular causes it to become able to be perfect with regard to watching movies on a lengthy plane or perhaps car ride, blasting via the actual greatest totally free android apps, and usually becoming in a situation to find out what's going on.

Touchscreen and Accelerometers

Twist along with Shout

Remember how new proprietors marveled more than your iphone's power to perception in which it was being moved as well as respond accordingly? The Actual same device in which enabled this functionality, your accelerometer, is found inside your very best android phone, so you can get all your identical tilting and twisting jollies in when playing racing games, using a virtual "level" to align some thing you're building, as well as delivering devastating combos in order to your friends when playing fighting apps over WiFi.

"Swype" Keyboard

Sure, touchscreens inside as well as regarding by themselves get grow for you to be somewhat typical location in the whole world of smartphones, but the best android phone features a touchscreen keyboard that is truly unique as well as useful. This attempts in order to solve the problems of prior iterations regarding touchscreen keyboards - clunky, slow, mistake-ridden typing that will frustrate users in to generating your notoriously shorthanded text messages we're all familiar with.

To address this, the particular greatest android phone has a "swype" keyboard that enables you to swipe the fingertip fluidly via one step to another, efficiently chaining the particular letters together right straight into a complete word. Only how fast is swype keyboard? considering which a professional transcriptionist or court stenographer may kind with 80-90 phrases for each and also every minute when they will are really good, the topspeed of 50 term for each as well as every minute for your droid x2 keyboard ain't half bad.

It ushers in the new era involving mobile communication, allowing users to talk a lot more voluminously through text compared to every before. Don't be blown away if your current mobile facebook posts statr tending toward the verbose, or even if you really feel inspired to become able to hack out the novel on the own notepad android app.

The Very Best Android Telephone has got the Very Best Communication Features

Of course, all these specs tend to be exciting within their own right, but what really helps to make the droid x2 your greatest android telephone on the marketplace is specifically what it can do. Coming From trying to always be able to keep an individual enterained on the go with high top quality feature-length movies to end up being able to blistering android apps along with 3D games, for you to serving like a mobile hotspot which means you could possibly get your laptops and other devices online when you're out and also about, this telephone will be pretty incredible. We'll commence having a run-down of the particular best android phone's pure connectivity aspects, the actual features in which keep you throughout touch as well as in sync wherever anyone are.


3G is now the standard for smartphones, together with even slim-profile handhelds such as blackberry curves able to consider benefit of its fast download as well as transfer speeds and respectable coverage. The Actual droid x2 android telephone runs about Verizon's 3G network, using your EV-DO standard to deliver content material rapidly from app stores, websites, as well as mobile apps.

Think of 3G coverage because the back-up that will kicks in whenever you're not in your personal home or possibly a library or coffee shop which can provide a person quicker WiFi support. Typically speaking, WiFi will be going to permit far better transfer speeds, however 3G is actually very respectably fast for being available in thus many places. Verizon has place huge quantities of dollars in to its network throughout an effort in order to serve many populous places inside the US.


For the James Bond wannabe in us all, the very best android telephone is equipped using the greatest global positioning system functionality, powered through google maps. whether you're lost or perhaps just trying to track down the best Chinese meals near you, loading up google maps will provide anyone with the opportunity to have the droid x2 zero inside in your place along with display the region about you. Although a great many other smartphones get this exact same GPS functionality, it runs much more smoothly about the greatest android phone 's beefy 1Ghz dual-core processor.

Those in which aren't fans regarding google maps may in addition opt to use Verizon's navigator support regarding comparable functionality. In case you need to do opt to utilize your built-in Google Maps Navigation system, anyone can additionally enjoy turn-by-turn driving a car directions that will your own telephone will really talk outloud for you to you. You'll in addition get real-time visitors reports to your selected route and 360 degree views involving exactly where you're heading in order that you can quickly identify your own destination when you receive close.

Skype Mobile

This can be huge. by permitting users to always be able to employ the mobile variation involving skype in their own android phone, Motorola offers essentially managed to get feasible to produce free involving charge calls. Sure, you'll need the particular phone upon another end to be operating skype (or the good friend to become about skype upon his or her laptop) as well, yet nevertheless this actually is tremendously beneficial for anyone worried about racking up astronomical telephone bills.

If your mates as well as family members tend to be previously set up on skype, you will need simply contact their accounts from your skype mobile app to become connected for endless chatting or immediate messaging. Not Really bad!

Skype mobile in addition simplifies and economizes international calling. Simply while you wogamesld in your computer, anyone may add credit score to your skype are the actual trigger of unbeatably lower prices in calls to always be able to international terrain lines along with international cell phones. In case you have friends as well as family members which stay abroad, as well as if you your self are generally traveling, skype mobile will make staying throughout touch a lot less difficult and significantly cheaper.


Bluetooth is an inter-device normal that enables all sorts of gadgets for you to speak to one another. With Regard To example, you could have your bluetooth-ready hands free car telephone hyperlink up together using your android telephone which indicates you may drive as well as chat uninterruptedly as soon when you get within and place your belt on. not to say the undeniable fact that a fresh droid x2 android phone will come with the hands-free headset and auto kit in the box!

You can possess your current android phone communicate with the newest generation associated with bluetooth enabled televisions to end up being able to become able to stream and discuss content. Anyone are able in order to use bluetooth to interact with various other smartphones to share contacts or even compete inside chess, boxing or even bubble bursting madness. The Particular possibilities are staggering. simply put, bluetooth will be another way the actual very best android telephone could potentially get throughout touch along with additional devices and always outshine all of them (in their particular mother tongue).


DLNA appears regarding "Digital Living Network Alliance", but this regular can be really much cooler and relevant thanit sounds. DLNA technologies enables your own android phone to always be able to instantly sync up with other devices (plasma TV's anyone?) so you can display your own photos and also videos album-style about the big screen. This particular is great entertaining throughout visits along with relatives along with family members reunions as well as when you've just returned from your trip of the lifetime. Only sync increase android telephone together along with your TV and begin revealing all regarding the famous buildings an individual took images in front of.

What Can the Very Best Android Telephone Arrive With?

In terms of pre-loaded goodies, you're planning to look regarding a large amount of your usual offerings about the greatest android phone whenever you pop it out of the box for that 1st time. For You To start with, Motorola's Droid X2 android phone will be operating the particular android 2.2 operating system, affectionately nicknamed "Froyo" for those in the know. However, these users with a burning have to are living around the bleeding fringe of innovation could immediately update their phone for you to android 2.3 a.k.a "Gingerbread" using your totally free over-the-air update system.

This exact same system will be familiar, a minimum of inside concept, to anybody that has utilized the windows based pc before, since it keeps your telephone present with the newest software program so as to iron out bugs and also near safety loopholes as they are generally discovered.

Meanwhile, you'll have simple and easy , direct access for the entire android market which indicates you may browse and also download apps, utilities and video games at your current leisure. Simply such as the iPhone's wildly well-liked app marketplace, the android marketplace delivers several apps regarding free, but most for any download fee. check underneath want in order to understand , to get a list of the very best 5 totally free android apps making waves today.

In terms of pre-loaded android software, you'll always be in the position to expect:


Delivering the entire web in in order to the palm of one's hand, the particular android browser may be hailed for its savvy useful resource usage, which cuts recorded on load occasions as well as helps make for any steady browsing experience. you can easily chug via multiple pages simply using the Motorola droid x2.


For when you're just as well drunk in order to figure out what the suggestion must maintain the head.


Keep your self organized with your android calendar. When you've currently used google calendar, you can keep on doing therefore thanks for the seamless integration involving the best android phone and all issues google.


The clock runs on the desktop by default, although you can alter its styling and set settings.


As you'd expect together with just about any smartphone, you can keep an exhaustive list of contacts and also the built-in caller ID feature will identify who's accountable for in which rumble within your pocket.


Again, google mail will end up being the favorite, yet you have the particular alternative involving importing a new corporate mail system along with managing it through your android smartphone.


Bringing up along with scrolling using your photos and also videos is actually a breeze.


Send along with get text (SMS) messages and also keep the history of them that an individual simply may look back again over.

News along with Weather

Take the particular guesswork out of dressing yourself inside the morning

Voice Dialer and Voice Search

Let's just label this what it really is. Whenever you're finally as well lazy to be able to drag your own food-greased paw across the smartphone screen, you are generally able to just mumble commands for your telephone to possess it dial an ambulance regarding you, or possibly the pizza place. Anyone can easily even research google along using your voice!

How A Lot can the particular Very Best Android Telephone Hold?

Now that our smartphones may hold and play music, movies, television shows along with entire reams-worth involving documents, there's an understanable shift in target to be able to exactly how muchthey may maintain simultaneously. the Motorola droid x2 starts out along with 8GB involving internal memory, which is reasonable about its own. Additionally, each new Motorola droid x2 comes having an 8GB microSD card, expanding the total storage to 16GB. When you want to have crazy along with stock up a number involving different films, a few television exhibits plus a excellent chunk involving your preferred music, you could purchase a new 32GB microSD card and push the greatest android phone's total storage capacity to 40GB, the size of your tiny extendable hard disk drive that will you'd buy to backup your own computer.

Keep in the mind which although 40GB is actually good, it isn't actually great. It's ideal for something as little because the very best android phone, particularly when you're taking an instant for you to take into consideration specifically just how much is going about in this type of little package, nevertheless it won't fairly satisfy information junkies that happen to be spoiled by terabyte drives. In your event that you're one of individuals folks that thinks your entire lifetime's library associated with movies and also videos must match on a single device , you are usually going to be disappointed through this quantity of space. You've been warned.

OK, but Precisely what Regarding the particular fun Stuff?

Speaking of media storage, let's get right down to what really matters - games, movies, along with music. The Particular best android phone excels within all three departments, and every aspect associated with entertaining yourself along with your Motorola droid x2 will be enhanced by the aforementioned beast of the mobile processor. You'll notice much faster loadtimes on your own movies as well as your favorite android gaming apps.

Music Player

The pre-loaded audio player puts your Motorola droid X2 higher inside the operating for your best android phone. It can understand as well as play MP3, WMA along with AAC/AAC+, meaning in which if it's stored digitally as well as it's packed with sound, your current android telephone can enjoy it. Additionally you have the standard headphone jack, just in case you're among individuals conscientious bus riders.


Yes, just as you would expect, the particular greatest android phone includes certainly 1 of the particular best smartphone digital cameras around. Certainly Not merely could the droid x2's camera snap photographs with a staggering eight megapixels, it consists of several fairly advanced functionality, such as digital video recording from 30 frames per second, panoramic modality, any built-in flash and also constant auto-focus. Not Really also shabby to get a phone.

The 5 Best Free Regarding Charge Android Apps

OK. You've gone in advance and bought your very best android telephone that cash can easily buy, nevertheless now you're a bit mild inside your wallet and you're simply looking for some extra amusement. try out these top 5 free involving charge android apps in which are increasingly being gobbled up by simply downloaders each as well as every day around the android marketplace.

1. free Android App - Facebook pertaining to Android

Just because you aren't home does not imply an individual must pass up in your favorite cyber addiction. Your Own android telephone may end up being the perfect facebook compatible device since it enables you in order to definitely capture photos and videos and also swiftly publish them to your own profile.Using facebook on your android phone is significantly better than ever thanks towards the swype keyboard that allows one to easily send messages that are more than 1 line.

Meanwhile, 3G data connections or WiFi connections, where available, ensure a new super smooth scrolling facebook experience.

2. Totally Free Android App - Youtube regarding Android

Youtube will be the world's 2nd largest research engine, and is home to countless hilarious, informative, and simply plain bizarre videos. Whether or Not you want for you to kill a while between flights, brush up on a few hardcore programming skills, as well as upload your own personal exploits for that advantage involving others, youtube is really a must-have free of charge android app.

3. Totally Free Android App - Pandora Web Radio

This free associated with charge net radio station is becoming a well liked amongst office-workers everywhere. An Individual can easily select a song or artist to become able to type an entire station around, and also Pandora's amazing music-genome capability will contuinue serving songs and artists that are comparable in fashion and also mood. Perfect regarding cruising in your automobile as well as whilst studying shortly prior to bedtime from your own room. Pandora is free of charge to experience regarding up to 40 hrs any month and also the Pandora android app will be free, too!

4. Free of Charge Android App - Angry Birds

By now, you have possibly heard of this absolute phenomenon. Angry birds is a light-hearted nevertheless strangely addicting action puzzle game. you get in order to slingshot a number of different varieties of birds toward entrenched evil pigs throughout an effort to destroy every 1 associated with the pigs' buildings also to eradicate these people throughout retribution regarding stealing your current eggs. That sounds ridiculous, plus it absolutely is. Yet it's in addition fun. and an individual can play a lite variation regarding the sport with regard to free, upgrading as extended as you want extra features along with levels.

5. Free Regarding Charge Android App - words Along With Friends

This free android app is for all anyone could puzzle lovers out there. Feel turn-based scrabble together with web connectivity. An Individual location a word about the board utilizing a limited variety of tiles inside an effort in order to score apk apps the particular highest quantity achievable per move. Meanwhile, the general game signals your own buddy which your turn can be completed so that they will will make their own move. About and on it goes. Basically, this free android app enables you in order to definitely play any real-time scrabble clone using a pal even if you a couple of are still in opposite sides of the country.

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